The superior option for service advisor training

“This course is amazing! I have eliminated fear and replaced it with confidence.” – Sales Fix Graduate

Sales Training That's NOT Boring.

We don't do stuffy, boring, long videos. Advisors learn from a combination of short, easy-to-follow videos, live instruction, and practice.

It's Not Just A Course.

We combine live training, powerful video teachings, competency tests and graded practice sessions to ensure Service Advisors TRULY have gained the skills to improve their sales.

Easy To Use from Any Device.

Our Online Learning Platform allows access from a computer, tablet, or phone. All our videos are shot in High Definition. All live trainings are hosted via Zoom to make them easy to attend.

Our graduates see their ARO increase on average over $200.

We believe its not just about a sales number but the quality of those sales. What’s a higher ARO if there isn’t profit to be found? When students finish our course, their increased ARO and increased monthly sales MEAN SOMETHING. Their sales put more to the bottom line which allows their careers to accelerate and their owners to invest back in the business.

Reaching your sales goals AND taking care of your customers

  DOESN’T need to be mutually exclusive.

What to Expect From
Sales Fix

Sales Fix is a 6-month interactive online training that is done in a virtual classroom setting. This will include training video modules, an interactive weekly live zoom class taught by our trainers, access to our Sales Fix Facebook group, and helpful infographics and worksheets.

We don’t stop there. We want advisors to PROVE their comprehension of the material, advance with the rest of the class, and can demonstrate the skills they are learning. To help accomplish this, first, we make every student pass a test before they can mark a module “complete”, turn-in graded assignments, and we provide personal attention as needed when advisors are falling behind or struggling.

This is not your typical training program, and our expectations for your team are high. This program will not be right for everyone. The requirements for your advisor will be to commit to time spent watching the training videos and testing out of them, attend weekly Zoom training calls, join the Sales Fix Facebook page, and spend whatever time they need to invest in order to grasp the concepts and apply. This is roughly a 2 to 4 hour per week commitment depending on the student.

If this sounds right for you, then scroll down to learn more and found out how to enroll your team.

Course Overview

Our automotive Service Advisor training program includes 10 powerful modules.

Module 1:
Next Level Leadership

In this module, we will be discussing what you can do to take yourself to the next level as a Service Advisor. 

Module 2:
Selling 101

In this module, we will be teaching you the fundamentals of how to sell. 

Module 3:
Tracking your Numbers

In this module, we will be discussing how to track your sales and the formulas you should know as a service advisor. 

Module 4:
Making a great impression

In this module, we will be talking about how to make a great impression on your customers, so that they will want to buy from you. 

Module 5:
Know Confidence and no fear

In this module, we will be talking about how to overcome your fears as a service advisor and how to gain confidence. 

Module 6:
high level sales part 1

In this module, we will be talking about the different selling paths, closing issues, and more high-level sales topics.

Module 7:
High level sales part 2

In this module, we will be talking about different strategies you can use to help close sales and much more. 

Module 8:

In this module, we will be talking about why scripting is so important, go over different scripts that you can use and more. 

Module 9:
Untapped Resources

In this module, we will be talking about all of the different tools that can help you increase your sales as a service advisor. 

Module 10:
Wowing the customer

In this module, we will be talking about how you can WOW your customer and make yourself and your shop unforgettable to them. 

100+ Video Course.
Graded Assignments.
Live Teaching.
A Graduation Event.

Our Team


Sales Trainer

Sales Trainer

Sales Trainer

Sales Trainer


Displayed rate is for 3 active seats
$ 687 Ongoing Monthly Subscription
  • Access for THREE Advisors Active in Certification Program
  • Access for UNLIMITED Alumni Students
  • HD Video Course
  • Live Group Teaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group
  • All Alumni Training Content & Features
PRO Member? Contact us for your discount link. Email: [email protected]

How Enrollment Works

Step 1

Contact us if you have any questions before completing enrollment. No questions? 
Move on to Step 2.


Step 2

Purchase subscription and enroll your service advisor(s)!

PRO Member? Contact us before enrolling for your discount link. [email protected]

Step 3

Once you register, you'll be taken to a page to invite your staff that you purchased seats for.

Step 4

After they accept their invitation, they will later be placed into a class. When the class start date comes around, your team will receive an email that will provide access to the first modules.

Each week, a new email will arrive to them with instructions for that week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our automotive Service Advisor training program

Sales Fix is a monthly subscription with no contract. Your monthly payment date coincides with your original purchase date. Your subscription continues indefinitely unless you contact us to cancel. When an advisor completes their initial certification program, they become Alumni and receive ongoing training through the Alumni program. Your subscription provides them access to this ongoing training. If all of your advisors have completed the certification program and are all Alumni, your subscription grants all of them that access.

As the account holder, you will be provided with an Owners Dashboard that will give you access to a number of tools to help with accountability and program information. This includes access to course videos, advisor progress tracking, Alumni program scheduling, and a class syllabus. You will also receive email updates informing you of what your advisors class is currently focusing on in the course.

No, there is no contract with a Sales Fix subscription. Billing continues indefinitely unless we are contacted with a request to cancel.

Our video platform can be viewed on any internet active device including computers, tablets and mobile phones. We recommend a good internet connection and the use of Chrome or Safari browsers. 

We will hold 2-3 graduation events each year. Your enrolled advisors get close to the end of their term, they will be given access to register for the next upcoming event. The cost for hotel (during the event), and most meals is included. 

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