Enroll in the MOST comprehensive Service Advisor training program ever made.

Our 6-Month training program combines live teaching, videos, tests and a in-person conference to create a transformational experience for your team… and their sales.

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What to expect

I want to sign up my service advisor for the Sales Fix Academy program… What does that look like?

Sales Fix is a 6-month interactive online training that is done in a virtual classroom setting. Our goal is to help transform your sales crew. To accomplish this we use POWERFUL Training Videos and Infographics that the students watch each week, facilitate INTERACTIVE Live Zoom Teaching Calls where students receive teaching from our incredible Sales Trainers, and provide a FACILITATED Private Student Facebook Group where students can interact with their fellow students and our training team (page access given for the 6-month term). The format is weekly. We will send your Advisor an email each monday with instructions on which videos to watch, and a reminder to attend the group call. We also provide one-on-one support as needed when an advisor is behind or struggling. We don’t stop there. We want your Service Advisors to PROVE they know the material and can demonstrate it. We require Advisors to pass a test before they can pass a module and are required to turn in 3 graded video assessments. After enrolled Advisors complete the program, they will be given an invitation to attend an in-person Graduation Event in Nashville. 

This is an intensive program and won’t be right for everyone. The time commitment is roughly 2-4 hours per week. Advisors are required to complete modules on time, pass all tests and assignments, attend the weekly group calls (Recordings not provided), and spending whatever time they need to invest in order to grasp the concepts and apply.

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out!

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Sales Trainer

Sales Trainer

Course Overview

Module 1:
Next Level Leadership

In this module, we will be discussing what you can do to take yourself to the next level as a Service Advisor. 

Module 2:
Selling 101

In this module, we will be teaching you the fundamentals of how to sell. 

Module 3:
Tracking your Numbers

In this module, we will be discussing how to track your sales and the formulas you should know as a service advisor. 

Module 4:
Making a great impression

In this module, we will be talking about how to make a great impression on your customers, so that they will want to buy from you. 

Module 5:
Know Confidence and no fear

In this module, we will be talking about how to overcome your fears as a service advisor and how to gain confidence. 

Module 6:
high level sales part 1

In this module, we will be talking about the different selling paths, closing issues, and more high-level sales topics.

Module 7:
High level sales part 2

In this module, we will be talking about different strategies you can use to help close sales and much more. 

Module 8:

In this module, we will be talking about why scripting is so important, go over different scripts that you can use and more. 

Module 9:
Untapped Resources

In this module, we will be talking about all of the different tools that can help you increase your sales as a service advisor. 

Module 10:
Wowing the customer

In this module, we will be talking about how you can WOW your customer and make yourself and your shop unforgettable to them. 

students per class


Most frequent questions and answers

The price listed is charged PER person enrolled in the program per month for 6 months. The day you sign up you are charged the first month to secure your seats, then each month after that until the end of the program. This will be a total of 6 payments. 

This program is designed for your advisors and access to the program is only for those enrolled. As an owner, you’ll receive a syllabus for the class and be sent emails that explain what your advisor is working on and what to look for. 

This program has 6-Month Term, but if your advisor no longer works for your company, you may cancel mid-term for pro-rated billing. 

Our video platform can be viewed on any internet active device including computers, tablets and mobile phones. We recommend a good internet connection and the use of Chrome or Safari browsers. 

We will hold 2-3 graduation events each year. Your enrolled advisors get close to the end of their term, they will be given access to register for the next upcoming event. The cost for hotel (during the event), and most meals is included. 

Shop Fix Mastermind Rate

Rate is PER month, PER enrolled advisor for 6 months
$ 697 Per Advisor Per Month for 6 Months ($4,182 total investment per advisor)
  • HD Video Course
  • Live Group Teaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group (Access during term)
  • Ticket to Live Graduation Event in Nashville
  • Tests and Graded Assignments
Only 30 Spots

Only 30 Spots Open PER Class!


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