No. Instead of you signing up and your advisor waiting for a class to open, your advisor will be able to begin watching training videos immediately! They will no longer be assigned to a class that has a specific start time.

Yes! Your advisors will no longer be assigned to one trainer but will have the option to attend a live Zoom class that pertains to whatever area they are currently learning in their own course progression. Zoom classes will occur weekly and different trainers will teach subjects corresponding to the course. All weekly classes are always available to all advisors. So, even if they are currently watching course videos in, for example, the ‘Scripting’ section, they can join a weekly call that is discussing a different topic. Some weeks there will even be multiple calls covering the same topic.

No. Advisors will no longer need to wait for the course material to open; they can move as fast or slow as they need to/you want them to. In addition to not waiting for course material to unlock, they can also go directly to whatever area of training they want to. 

The previous course videos have now been split into two separate courses: Foundations & Advanced. Many of the videos have also been rearranged in response to feedback of students and to better fit the new program structure. We do plan to film updated lessons for some videos. There are still tests for each section of training. Passing these tests is a requirement to gain access to the new certification exam.

To be considered a Sales Fix certified advisor, we have created a new Certification exam that must be passed. Access to the new certification exam is locked unless your advisor completes all section tests within the Foundation and Advanced courses with a passing grade. If your advisor feels they are strong in the Foundations material, they can simply complete the tests required to prove knowledge of the material. If you want to require them to watch all videos you can track and hold them accountable to that. The choice is yours. Our only requirement for certification is to pass the new certification exam. The new certification exam is based on knowledge learned within the Foundations and Advanced courses as well as intuited knowledge testing that qualified advisors should be able to respond to.

Our monthly subscription price is not changing but how many advisors it allows access for is changing. It now allows for up to 5 total logins. We no longer distinguish between “currently in a class” advisors or graduated advisors (Alumni). Each login is for each advisor you have engaging with our training. If you need more you can pay per additional login. The account holder’s (seat manager’s) login does not use up one of the logins.

Everyone gets access to all material from the start. We present a clear recommended Certification path to follow, and additional training (Webinars, ALWs, special speakers, etc.) is also available to all advisors from the start.

We are replacing assignments with a new ‘Fix My Call’ feature. Advisors can upload actual calls to receive feedback from a Sales Fix trainer. Feedback is integrated into our new website and can be reviewed by the seat manager from their new dashboard. We will also continue to offer the Call-A-Trainer option if an advisor would like to speak to a trainer directly.

Accountability is twofold. We will reach out to your advisor via email when their engagement with our training platform is low. We will also have a recommended path for advisors to follow to get the most out of our training center. But how you want your team engaging with our training is up to you. Have your advisor follow the recommended path to certification, or focus on specific parts of the program in the order that best fits your shop’s needs. This is your training center for you to use however you’d like. (Requirements for certification still apply)

Instead of graduations as we’ve done in the past, we are replacing these with 2 live Training Events per year, still held in Nashville, that you can send your advisor to. These are open to the public with the purchase of a ticket but are free to attend if your shop has an active Sales Fix subscription. Hotel and other travel arrangements are not the responsibility of Sales Fix. Our final graduation in its original format will be held this September with our first Sales Fix Live event happening the day after. [Sales Fix LIVE Details to come.] Any advisor who started the program before March 2024 and has also completed the certification by 9/16 is eligible to join the final graduation event.

Yes! the new website is built for what we do and as a result, is much faster. There’s also a mobile app that will shortly follow the new site to make it even easier for advisors to access our content.

We will continue with the program as is until further notice. Once we are ready to migrate all accounts to the new site, we will notify you and your current advisors in our program via email.

As the account holder, you will have access to all course content.

No, there is no contract. You can cancel at any time. If cancelled, all associated accounts will lose access to Sales Fix content.

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